I work with professional people who know what they want in life and how to achieve it. I work with high performers and professional people who know what they want in life, and how to achieve it. I work with passionate people who are not running away, not trying to change the situation around them, and don’t spend their time cursing and complaining.

Those I work with want to embrace every opportunity to transform - and are hungry to grow further and have even more success.

I have coached a variety of professionals, and it is normally only something very small that is holding them back and stopping them from catapulting their success.

Throughout my coaching program, I passionately coach the key principles to unlock the "Million Dollar Success."

Does this sound like you?

Maybe you need help with a small fear which is holding you back from achieving your greater success, maybe you need to unblock some emotions or negative beliefs, maybe you just need to change your mindset to see more opportunities. Maybe your relationship with parents, partner, knowledge of setting up and an accomplishing goals, improving you current success to the Million Dollar Success.

Maybe as business owner, from time to time, you experience a niggling self-doubt, or low self-confidence that is stopping you from having your business or personal success.

Maybe you are a corporate professional and finding it challenging to ask for  pay rise. Maybe you just need to improve any area in your life.

The Body Transformation Coaching allowing you to achieve greater weight loss, improve fitness level and massive transformation of your mindset and lifestyle.

Why work with me: I am a highly successful entrepreneur and business woman and I know takes to Attract what I call  #Million Dollar Success.

I opened my first fitness business 6 months after I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. For 1,5 years I spent my life between hospitals, being at home and running a business. During this time I lost my purpose and the direction in my life. I reached rock bottom and I decided that I had to transform my situation. I truly faced the challenge, accepted the situation and started to think of solutions. I transformed my mindset from fearful to empowered, low self-esteem, doubting and sabotaging myself to confident and a business woman full of self-worth, I went from unhealthy to healthy again.

Now I have purpose and direction in life, I found the way to overcome illness, stay off medication, and eliminate hospital visits. I achieved Million Dollar Success.

I see clients at my private practice, in London; I also work with clients from around the globe on Skype.

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