My Journey Towards A Balanced Life,  Becoming Healthy, Fit And  Attracting Life & Business Success.

In 2012, my life turned upside down and went in a completely different direction to how I had planned and expected it to. I had studied and worked in London for many years to become an architect. 

I had been feeling unwell with symptoms including: feeling tired all the time, having diarrhoea and bleeding from the back passage. After visiting my GP, who confirmed I had nothing to worry about, I felt relieved that it was nothing serious and that these problems would go away.

Then, an opportunity presented itself, and I decided to go to to learn more about spirituality. I was in need of some time off from all the stress I had suffered for many years. At the beginning of my trip everything was fine, however after two weeks my health deteriorated and I began to feel worse and worse each day.  I was rushed to hospital, I was oblivious to what was happening at the time, due to the amount of pain I was in.

Stuggle To Survive

I rang my sister Lenka who lived in London and I told her to get me back to the hospital as soon as possible, as I knew my life depended on it. I dreaded the fact I was going to have to take an 8-hour flight back. The only way I was going to make it was to pump myself full of painkillers to numb the pain. Once I landed, I was taken to the A&E.

The following day, my symptoms got worse, and I needed emergency surgery. The pain in my abdomen was unbearable. After the surgery, I was told that I had ruptured my bowel in several places. Apart from my bowel rupturing, I had septic shock and 80% of my blood was diluted­ with various infections and inflammations. The doctors said that if I had arrived a few hours later, it would have been too late! After four days in intensive care I was transferred to the gastro ward and diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. After 4 weeks in the hospital, I was discharged. 

After five months, I went back home to Slovakia. During my stay, my other sister Zuzana took me to a jumping fitness class and I loved it. I had never had so much fun during a fitness class. I figured it would be the best exercise to get me fit, give me a more positive outlook, motivate myself, and to help me get up in the morning.

Business Advanture

I realised that due to my ill health, getting a job in architecture would no longer be possible; at least not until my symptoms were under control. So, working for myself, seemed the obvious way forward. In 2013, I brought Jumping Fitness to Britain,  I launched my new career as Jumping Julia

Everything had been going well until November 2013 when I had a flare up. I spent Christmas Day, 2013 in a hospital, a few days in February 2014, another 10 days in hospital in March 2014 where I received IV treatment for colitis. Living with this long term condition is a constant battle.  Frequent visits to A&E, staying in a hospital, regular high doses of prednisolone, IV treatments, a lot of abdominal pain, bloody diarrhoea, frequent toilet visits (30 times daily).

New Life Experience

I did not feel any desire to plan my future; either private and business. The illness was affecting my confidence, causing anxiety about when and where to have business meetings, where the nearest toilet was and how to manage my rest. During this challenging time, I dealt with issues regarding my body, mind and intellect. My body weight yo-yoed; losing 9kg and gaining 14 kg. I struggled with my self-worth, confidence and went through a phase of post-operational depression. I was constantly asking self-critical questions: “How will others see me..... what will they think of me?” Back then, I often felt incomplete, tired, stressed, hopeless, frustrated, scared, negative, lethargic, exhausted, fed up and complacent....

"The Effect Has A Cause"

In 2013, I reached the lowest point in my life. I had lost purpose and direction and for the first time did know what to do. I was so afraid of doing anything and everything. I knew that I had to change. The best way to go from feeling fearful to empowered was to overcome the mindset that was holding me back.

"Success Is Something YOU Attract By The Person YOU Become"

I accepted ulcerative colitis. However I could not accept the lifestyle of ulcerative colitis. It became part of my journey on earth; part of a learning curve. I accepted the situation for what it was; then I started to think of possible solutions to get me out and away from it. I could not run away cursing and complaining. I need to change -  my attitude.

Personal development books, courses and meditation were the right tools to stop me from giving up. I accepted and loved my body, stayed positive, didn’t look back, stopped being scared and took control. I forgave myself. It all helped with day-to-day motivation and inspiration.

For things to have changed my life I had to change. I was suffering with “attitude illness”. I need it to handle my disease, body, mind and spirit. I did not want to live it in, or dwell on it. I found myself in the middle of a war between healthy and unhealthy, positive and negative thoughts, dark and light, good and evil, convention and alternative treatment. IT WAS A MINDSET WAR.

Conventional medicine was not helping me and I needed to find alternative treatments to heal my colon. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet - Breaking the Vicious Cycle has helped a lot of people with autoimmune diseases. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) is a group of foods that are gain-free, sugar-free, starch-free, soya-free, lactose-free as well as other man made ingredients-free as well unprocessed food – free. 

“There Is A Difference Between Knowing The Path And Walking The Path”

Long story short: Since then, I have been on SCD for 426 days. I stopped all my medication on May 2015. I lost 14 kg. My daily ritual include meditation, gratitude for what I have and walking. I listen to my mind, body and keep positive. I let go of negative resistance, don’t dwell on things, and rely on intuition.

"I Love My Life And Would Not Change It"

Now, I have found a new purpose for my life and a new direction that has enabled me to turn my life around completely. I got a second chance to live and I havelearned everything has a purpose, and it was up to me to find it. I know who am I....why I was put here.... I have recognized that even though I am chronically ill, "I feel and look like a Million Dollar Woman.”

I know that everything happened for a reason; even the most negative things in life represent a positive and significant change in life. It’s up to you to ignore it or start to act on it. I made a radical change in my life; I am the happiest person I can be. I have my business coach helping me to grow “Jumping Julia” and “Million Dollar Success coaching".  In my free time, I run “East London Chrons and Colitis group”. I continue to heal myself with healthy food, a positive attitude and mental strength. These have stemmed from not only the decision to transform my life, but also from the desire to be happy, confident and to achieve my Million Dollar Success.

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