Are you looking to attract success into you life and discover your inner worth    

· Do you recall an incident when you accomplished something that you feared?

· Does money seem scarce or hard to come by? Does your life feel like a series of problems?

· How long do negative emotions last (when you are angry, fearful, or sad)?

· Would you like to live a more simple life? What might this have to do with your mind?

· Do you compare your will-power to other people's?

· Do you want to overcome cravings and triggers? 

It’s time to start to achieve a greater body, mind, attitude, power, presence, courage and abundance in all areas of your life.

It’s time to start to let  go of all the resistance, that is holding you back.

It's time to learn how to take complete personal responsibility for your life.

It’s time to start to work on unfulfilled relationships.

It’s time to start to believe that your life would be better if you had better control over your mind.

It’s time to start to build more will-power within yourself in order to change all your habits so that you can feel and look the way you want to.


Consider just how often you tell stories. On a daily basis, you are expressing yourself to your family and friends, even sometimes strangers on social media. You are creating a speculation of confusion and doubt. That's because it matters what stories you tell them and how you tell them.

Some of us remain locked inside of OURSELVES, forever and ever. For so much of the years we feel frustrated by things we cannot achieve or situations that we are scared of...... We are constantly trying to change the circumstances around us. We can’t escape from the conditions we put ourselves in! Yet we choose to stay in this identity...why do we do that? We are scared of LETTING GO and continue to HOLD ONTO those old emotions and become afraid of a better lifestyle, afraid of being extraordinary, afraid to do the impossible and afraid of reaching Your Million Dollar Success.

Our lives are shaped by the CHOICES we make, and the ACTIONs we take. So if life isn't going well, ask yourself this question:

"Who's doing this to me?" If the answer is "someone else", maybe a boss,  a spouse or a partner...then ask yourself

"Who chose to be around this person? Who chose this situation?

I know that feeling of being stuck, locked, scared and losing belief in yourself, becoming hopeless. I transformed into a person of passion, direction, vision and found myself by tapping into my inner pursuits by doing the things I never thought I was capable of.

By the end of the 12 weeks you will be able to:

Let go of the old resistance, which is holding you back and and restricting you from achieving your greaterambitions. 

Gain knowledge on what fear is and how to overcome it on daily basis in order to progress in all aspects of your life.

Release old beliefs that hold you back and start to confidently move forward in your Million Dollar Success.

Build up your new and everlasting self esteem by removing your doubts and fears.

Breakthrough and establish your goals and gain clarity on how to achieve them.

Understand the differences between fearful thinking and intuitive knowing.

Learn from past situations and mistakes by taking full responsibility for your life.

Develop healthy eating and an exercise routine, stretching your willpower to change negative habits.

    Have the ability to overcome the hindrances holding you back like fear, self-sabotage and negativity from your past.

Tereza Pultarova

I met Julia a few years ago by sheer chance aboard on a plane to Prague. It was shortly after I had moved to London, and I was eager to make new acquaintances. Back then, Julia was struggling with severe Colitis disease and was recovering from a major bout of the condition which nearly cost her life. However, I was impressed with her optimism and ease with which she accepted her situation. Or so it seemed to me. However, her health kept deteriorating and we fell out of touch. I only reached out to her more than a year later when I hit a difficult period in life. I was stunned by the transformation in her. She had conquered Colitis, looked radiant and was full of positive energy. Just seeing her new fabulous self and knowing the whole back story was a huge motivation for me, and I decided to get strict with myself, stop moaning and start believing. She helped me to get a better view of my situation, dispel my doubts and refocus on who I am and what I want. The fact that she lived though what she preaches gives real credibility to what she does and what she can achieve.

Charmaine E Walters
Owner Soundly Sleeping

I had the most amazing session with Julia Balaz today. She opened my eyes to the world around me yet she hardly did any of the talking. She showed me how much I'm capable of. I knew I could achieve a lot but my mindset was limiting me I just didn't realise just how much until today, words cannot express just what she did for me today yet all she did was listen and ask the right questions. If you have somewhere in life you want to get to and something unknown to you is holding you back you need to see Julia. She's is freaking AWESOME.

Georgina Graham
Forever Business Coach

When I met Julia, I didn't know what to expect. I always struggled with letting out my emotions and I had tried with numerous coaches in the past trying to dig deep into how I can become the best version of me, but I couldn't connect with any of them. However Julia got down to some core issues that were limiting me.  She has made me realise that my past relationships with influential people in my life are still having an effect on me now, dictating how I view certain situations. sthis is the first step to combating these obstacles, and I feel a lot clearer now on how I can develop going forward. She opened my mind to a different door, and I am thankful. I still have work to do, but I feel like Julia has helped me realise a lot of things that I wouldn't have discovered on my own. 

Since our coaching, I have set aside specific time on my business and self-development. I have also made time for my family, not just time, but quality time. I have learnt to forgive certain people and see their point of view through the window they are looking out.

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