​It's Already Inside Of You. Discover Your Inbuilt Compass. The Pathway To Success. 

Do you want that everlasting change in a relationship, love and success?

Does your life feel like a series of challenges with money hard to come by?

Do you feel a sense of unworthiness?

Do you want to gain clarity on how to lose weight and keep it off?

Do you wait for, or seek out, "resourceful" feeling-states (like motivation, inspiration, or commitment) before doing whatever needs to be done?

Do you notice how you deal with subtle fears everyday?  Are your five worst fears; failure, shame, embarrassment, rejection and public speaking? 

Do you need will-power for kicking out your old habits?

Do you want to attract joy, love, happiness, success and purpose into your life?

It’s time to stop describing yourself as timid, shy, insecure, or a sufferer of self-doubt and approach life with confidence and optimisim.

It's time to open your heart and to tap into your forgotten and unrealised potential.

It's time to clear out the emotional and physical clutter in your life so that you can make room for much greater things.

Develop the courage to take bold steps towards actually living the life that seems like a “dream” right now.

It's time to learn how to take complete personal responsibility for your life and develop an inner self confidence.

It's time to create your own daily rituals and gain knowledge on how to keep yourself on track.

It's  time  to gain insight on how to tap into authentic happiness and explore the inner you in order to become more authentic and real.

You need to understand who you are in order to learn to value yourself, love your life and have a strong self-belief. Start to live your life with an empowered core of self-beliefs so that you can deal with all aspects of life confidently.

Do you want to KNOW what the opposite of frustration feels like? How to stop these feelings of hopelessness? And start to live a life full of empowerment, love and joy. 

We carry  these heavy "bags" of guilt, regret, fear, hurt and dissappointment on our shoulders. It is dragging us down everyday yet we are scared to let go. However the "bag" is a constant reminder of a situation or something that happened to us in the past, we don’t even know how to enjoy our life with it nor how to LET IT GO.

Here is how to do it! If you have done it before, YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN. We can change your stressful situations by overcoming those difficult circumstances in your mind.

You know if you change your life it does not only stay with you but empower us all. When you find a purpose and a sense of meaning inside yourself, it will bring you fulfilment that is infectious causing a ripple affect amongst us all.

When you get a new inside, your approaches and strategies to life will change and your eyes will become open and you will suddenly see what you are capable of and start to experience it for yourself.

New results show that emotional satisfaction and power can enable a self-transformation all from within.

By the end of the 6 months you will be able to:

Gain knowledge on how to deal with fears, insecurities, and doubts as well as develop useful ways for moving forward despite these feelings.

Gain clarity, confidence, and acceptance and feel an inner sense of connection not only to yourself but the world surrounding you.

Accept and love yourself from your core and nurture yourself to be your best so you can fly through life.

Turn an obstacle into an opportunity in order to discover your own true worth.

See a clear difference between where you are now and where you want to be.

    Develop the courage to take bold steps towards actually living the life that seems like a “dream” right now.

    Have the confidence to overcome failure and enter your personal power so you enjoy more peace, love and harmony in your life.

Get a plan of action that includes the first steps to take in order to begin building a new Million Dollar Success.

Tereza PustarovaJournalist

I met Julia a few years ago by a sheer chance aboard on a plane to Prague. It was shortly after I had moved to London and was eager to make new acquaintances. Back then, Julia was struggling with severe Colitis disease and was recovering from a major bout of the condition that nearly cost her life. However, I was impressed with her optimism and ease with which she accepted her situation. Or so it seemed to me. However, her health kept deteriorating and we fell out of touch. I only reached out to her more than a year later when I myself had hit a difficult period in my own life. I was stunned with the transformation in herself. She conquered Colitis, looked absolutely radiant and was full of positive energy. Just seeing her new amazing self and knowing the whole back story was a huge motivation for me to get strict with myself, to stop moaning and to start believing. She helped me get to a better view of my own situation, to dispel my doubts and refocus on who I really am and what I want. The fact that she really lived through what she preaches gives her a real credibility to what she does and what she can achieve.

Charmaine E Walters
Owner Soundly Sleeping

I had the most amazing session with Julia Balaz today. She has opened my eyes to the world yet she hardly did any of the talking. She showed me how much I'm capable of. I knew I could achieve a lot but my mindset was limiting me I just didn't realise just how much until today, words cannot express just what she did for me today, yet all she did was listen and ask the right questions. If you have somewhere in life you want to get to and something unknown to you is holding you back you need to see Julia. She's is freaking AWESOME.

Georgina Graham
Forever Business Coach

When I met Julia, I didn't know what to expect. I struggled letting out my emotions and Ihad  tried numerous other coaches beforehand in order  to dig deep into how I could become the best version of myself, but I couldn't connect with any of them. However Julia got down to some of the core issues that were limiting me. She has made me realise that my past relationships with influential people in my life are still having an effect on me now, dictating how I view certain situations. Realising this is the first step to combating these issues, and I feel a lot clearer on how I can approach going forward. She has opened my mind to a different door, and I am thankful. I still have work to do, but I feel like Julia has helped me realise a lot of things that I wouldn't have discovered on my own.

Since our coaching, I have set aside specific time to focus on my business and self-development. I have also made time for my family, not just time, but quality time. I have learnt to forgive certain people and see their point of view through the window they are looking out.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

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